Basic Grooming Packages


Your pet will receive a massaging bath with a PH balanced shampoo for dogs, coat conditioned, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and a breed specific haircut.



Bath/Brush and Fluff

This is great for times in between the need for a haircut. Your pet will be bathed with a PH balanced shampoo, coat conditioned, and brushed out.



Facial Scrub


This mild, yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances the skin. It has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, and will not irritate eyes.



Deshedding Program


Shedding is natural and there is no way to eliminate it, but our Deshedding program will help alleviate the problem.


First, we use a special formulated shampoo and conditioner to help loosen the undercoat. Then we use a special dryer to help blow out more of the undercoat.


Lastly, we use a precision tool that is designed to push through the topcoat to easily and gently remove the undercoat without cutting or damaging your pet’s delicate skin.



Dental package


Oral care is important for your pet. We use a tooth gel which is formulated to help remove plaque and tartar without any scraping.


Next, we will brush your pet’s teeth with toothpaste that is PH balanced for dogs or cats.


Lastly, we will help freshen your pet’s breath with an all- natural fresh mint foam.



Nail polish – Warren London Pawdicure Polish


A water-based formula which is non-toxic and easy to apply to help make your pet look fabulous. Available in thirteen brilliant colors.



Finishing touches


Bows and bandanas are available upon request.





  • ULTIMATE® is the perfect shampoo for the widest range of coat types.

ULTIMATE® achieves “best in show” results on the finest animals with excellent luminizing and volumizing effects. This exceptional shampoo also deeply cleans very dirty and smelly animals and removes stains with gentle thoroughness. The emollient and humectant rich formula is great for everyday use. Conditions coat, softens skin and leaves coat luminous and manageable. Great for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.


  • ALPHA WHITE™ deep cleaning conditioning shampoo is the perfect choice for deep, thorough, yet gentle cleaning of animals with white coats or markings. Removes stains and yellowing. Deodorizes. Leaves hair lustrous and shiny. Extreme concentration creates great value! Long-lasting results leave animals looking, feeling and smelling great long after ALPHA WHITE™ is used. Humectant and emollient rich formula enriches the animal's hair and skin. May be used regularly for beautiful, show ring results. Great for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.


  • GRIMEINATOR® is an extraordinarily versatile shampoo that achieves "Best in Show" results on your finest dogs, yet deeply cleans the dirtiest, smelliest animals gently and thoroughly. The humectant and emollient-rich formula softens skin, conditions hair, and allows for everyday use. Leaves coats manageable and lustrous. Great for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.


  • OATMEAL SHAMPOO is formulated for both dogs and cats to help relieve dry, irritated skin with a soothing combination of natural oatmeal, coconut oil, and aloe vera.


  • TEA TREE & ALOE MEDICATED SHAMPOO is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial medicated shampoo. It helps soothe fleabite dermatitis, itching, and hot spots.


  • AROMACARE REJUVENATING ARGAN SHAMPOO gives new life to dry, tangled and damaged fur. It contains argon oil to restore luster and shine.


  • EMERALD BLACK SHAMPOO helps to eliminate red tones, brassiness and sun fading black or dark coats.


  • CALM CARE SHAMPOO is specifically formulated with lavender and chamomile fragrances to help relax anxious pets with an almond extract to soothe their skin and coat.


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